Video Series for Freemyme Gym

Last year I was convinced by my better half to try out a new gym in Sliema, Freemyme. Reluctantly I agreed to go have a look after having moderate to no success at keeping the regularity of attending a gym for more than 3 months. Against my own belief I fell in love with the place and it’s staff and earlier this year we decided to start to collaborate on some videos to promote this inspiring place.

I come from a background of handball and basketball. Like most kids, I stopped at some point in my teen years because it was just getting too serious and I was busy pursuing girls and my DJ career. The natural option to stay healthy was to get a gym membership and start lifting weights, hitting the machines and trying everything to recreate that feeling of adrenaline as I had training basketball. It never felt the same and after a few months I always ended up slacking off or giving up entirely because it wasn’t a joy, it was a chore and as one of the trainers at Freemyme said, nobody likes to do chores (I confess, I like to vacuum, sue me).

Starting training at Freemyme I felt immediately huddled into the team and sprung straight into action. This was in mid 2015 and I’m still there pounding it out several times a week. It feels like a team sport but without the stifling commitment of professional sports training. At the same time it feels like personal training, tailored for you, but in a group environment. It might not be the best for everyone, but it’s absolutely perfect for me. This series of videos will be ongoing so watch out for updates of this playlist.

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