Using the GoPro for underwater pictures

I’ve been experimenting with GoPro underwater photos a bit lately to see the potential it has and what it can do. The GoPro 3+ shoots beautifully in well lit situations but of course, as soon as you take the camera underwater the circumstances of the light change drastically.

The other day I went out with Ana to try some burst sequences and the challenging low light performance of shooting underwater in late afternoon. It does get quite grainy after a while but the dynamics retained are quite impressive considering what a small gadget it is.

You should know, I’m using a GoPro 3+ which is far superior than its predecessors when it comes to low light situations and controlling it. It was mainly for the low light control that I decided to sell my GoPro 3 and get the 3+. Just don’t forget, if you use the LCD screen from the GoPro 3, the back cover won’t fit the 3+. However, I contacted GoPro and they were nice enough to supply me with a new one, free of charge!

For anyone who’s wants to get a shot like this in “moody” waters I still recommend shooting when the sun is at its strongest and darken it in post production. That way you get the desired result and you get a lower ISO which means less noise. All things considered, this photo came out quite nice.

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