Throwback Thursday – July 2007 – Cat on a can!

In July 2007, I discovered that my cat had taught himself how to use the toilet. Long story short, I tried to teach him and my other cat several years before but the other one was reluctant and didn’t want to learn. Basically you put the litter box on top of the toilet, then you replace it with an aluminum container, after a couple of days you gradually remove more and more sand and make a hole in the aluminum box and after that you remove it and the cat is supposed to use the toilet!

So, my cats were separated into two homes, I kept Baloo, who I guess had seen me use the toilet and one day when I had cleaned his litter box, left it upside down to dry and forgotten about it, I heard a odd sound from the bathroom… and this happened:


Baloo was always an odd cat. He would sleep in my arms like a baby on his back, run with me in the woods, he could even cup his paw around my finger and dangle. I think he was part dog, cat and monkey. I never had another pet after him.

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