Test Flying Phantom 4 Drone in Ta Qali, Malta

While attending a birthday party in Ta Qali it felt like a golden moment to get the Phantom 4 back up in the sky for once outside of Sliema. What blows me away the most (pun intended) is how incredibly stable it shoots despite crazy winds. I was afraid of not being able to maneuver it properly but it wasn’t just easy to fly, it was borderline impossible to get any shaky or tilted footage at all. DJI have really outdone themselves on this and finally I’ve got the drone I was disappointed in not getting back with the Phantom 2.

A great example of this is at the very end of the video. The wind is very strong but even at that altitude, it looks like a paused image after I zoom out, the Phantom doesn’t move the slightest.

The other thing that really impressed me, but which I didn’t include in the video was something I noticed as I had landed the drone and was walking around with it while recording. Even at close distance there is very little “fish eye” and considering how wide that camera shoots it’s absolutely incredible how the footage can look that good, that close. Needless to say, DJI have left GoPro in the dust.

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