How to stay warm in Malta during winter

The issue comes up every single winter. Every other status update on Facebook has to do with people desperately trying to keep warm in Malta during the winter, so instead of responding to everyone individually I decided to write a proper guide for everyones benefit. When I was designing my house I did a solid breakdown of the best ways to most efficiently and economically keep your habitat warm in Malta during winter. It’s not that cold in Malta compared to the rest of Europe but the lack of insulation in the houses and the high humidity makes it feel much worse. In fact, sometimes it’s actually warmer outside during the day, than it is inside. Also, the times we live in mean climate change and never before seen numbers with heat and cold as well as drought and rainfall. But let’s not get into those politics right now. Let’s talk about how to get you warm.

If you just want the quickest answer without reading the stuff below, the simple answer is that oil filled radiators are your best option. Why? Because gas has more than doubled in price in 5 years and it’s still going up every year. It also causes condensation, which means higher humidity. The oil filled radiator will heat your room efficiently and has the added bonus of dehumidifying at the same time. I have a DeLonghi V550920B. If you want the details and more heating options, read on. (more…)