New song: Mark Ronson feat Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk (Emil Brikha remix)

Update: The song has been slammed down by both Soundcloud and Youtube due to copyright complaints. Why a chart topper needs to worry about someone who remixes a song with a following of less than 100 people, is sad. If I was profiting from it in any way, I would understand but this is just bizarre. I say, no profit, no shut-down. So let’s play rebels, If you want the song,¬†click here:¬†

Original post: I instantly fell in love with Mark Ronson’s latest track Uptown Funk featuring Bruno Mars. They are an incredible dynamic duo, but I’m more of a threesome kind of guy so I joined the party and added some of my special spices on it. The result is a very dancefloor and club friendly remix, but don’t take my word for it, listen for yourself!


And if you haven’t heard the original or seen the video, it is absolutely amazing with all of its retro deliciousness.

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