How to DJ on an iPad with DJ Player and Midi Fighter 3D

When I was 13 years old I jammed a piece of metal into my parents stereo to lock the button between the cassette player and the vinyl player, giving the sound of each audio source in each speaker. I would use erasers and coins to weigh down on the needle to slow it down or speed it up and I would beatmix like this with the cassette deck. That was 23 years ago, we’ve come quite a long way since.

When I was 15, I played on a pair of Technics 1210 for the first time and since then I’ve been hooked on DJing. I was one of the first to transition to CD mixing when the first Pioneer CDJ’s came out and nobody took me seriously, 15 years later,┬áit’s industry standard. Same thing happened when I transitioned to laptop and MIDI controllers, playing on a laptop was for nerds. Now I’m doing it all over again with an iPad and a wide range of MIDI controllers ranging from traditional DJ MIDI controllers to the more original and beautiful Midi Fighter 3D. Have a look if you’re curious about how it works.

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