Sony RX100 Grip Hack

I just got the Sony RX100 V because my trusted old Sony NEX 5T simply feels outdated for me. It’s a beautiful little powerhouse but it’s SO slippery to hold. I’ve watched at least 10 reviews of the thing but was surprised that nobody mentioned it.

A few moments later and an always inspiring conversation with the Mrs, I saved this camera from a certain death by dropping and now it’s run, chase and vlog safe! (more…)

Thunder Over Sliema!

 Last night around midnight, the smothering heat and humidity was finally broken by a quick thunderstorm that came and went before I could even get the tripod out and set up the camera. So I took to the streets and chased the storm down to the sea front by Surfside and captured these photos. Autumn in Malta, my favorite time of the year!

Photoshoot: Daniel Lake from Freemyme Gym

Last year, my better half convinced me to join “a new type of gym”, with highly trained and dedicated trainers in a group training environment. Long story short I ended up doing a lot of collaborations with them and this was one of them, a photoshoot with co-founder Daniel Lake.

Shooting a 5 year anniversary

This lovely couple contacted me, actually it was a part of an anniversary surprise for his girlfriend, to take some “proper photos”. We met up at Barrakka Gardens in Valletta for an hour of laughter-filled photo shoot. Absolutely adorable couple and such a lovely way to capture a milestone in a relationship. I wish them all the best in this crazy world. (more…)

My first complete business design!

I was initially asked to come up with a name, slogan and logo for a new shop for larger than average men. Once that was done, they asked if I can do 3D and specifically interior design. I have been dabbling with it since I bought and designed my house and later my girlfriends so I accepted the challenge.  (more…)

Thunder & Rain

I’m a sucker for thunder. The power, the untamed, powerful force that puts you in your place on any given day. Matched with rain, a massive downpour… who could resist running out into the night, jumping in puddles? Oh, and I snapped this photo.


The sea

Last weekend was the final boat party of the season. The weather is already changing, and while I welcome the lower temperature and rain… being out at sea when it’s windy is a rollercoaster ride that usually ends with someone hurling.

Anyway, I managed to hold on to the railing and get some pretty cool shots. One of which looks like the waves are swallowing the Sliema sea front. Don’t worry, it’ll be a few more years of polar ices melting before that happens and my house becomes a sea front property ;)

Carlsberg product promotion

I was contacted by the good people of Carlsberg to cover their event at the Farsons Beer Festival. I was hired to take photos and to make a video to give a good insight of the thirst quenching fun that took place. Good food, great drinks, fantastic performances, all wrapped up in that Emilogy goodness. Check out the video and photos below. (more…)

I went to Comino and got high

It’s been a busy weekend, Farson Beer Festival on Friday and Nordic Boat Party on Saturday where I took the drone up to dizzying heights over Comino. It’s a lot of work, especially now in post production but my goodness it’s a lot of fun and always a challenge to find the right light, angles and clips to make it a top notch photo or video. Now a day of relaxation and tomorrow I’ll isolate myself in my bunker and get cracking on this footage.

Arriva burns!

A few years back, in an attempt to improve and rejuvenate public transportation in Malta, a deal was struck with Arriva to bring us into the 21st century. Plagued by scandals and complaints Arriva quickly disappeared and gave back the responsibility to Malta transport. I wonder how much money burned up in this cluster-fuck of a business deal. Oh, did I mention their buses had a tendency to catch fire? (more…)

Boat Party Pics 2014

Boat parties are a big deal in Malta. Every summer between May and September boats run on a daily basis. Some of them are nice and calm, others go completely wet and wild. The Nordic Bar has some of the most infamous and legendary boat parties on the island and I’m their designated photographer. (more…)