Shooting a 5 year anniversary

This lovely couple contacted me, actually it was a part of an anniversary surprise for his girlfriend, to take some “proper photos”. We met up at Barrakka Gardens in Valletta for an hour of laughter-filled photo shoot. Absolutely adorable couple and such a lovely way to capture a milestone in a relationship. I wish them all the best in this crazy world. (more…)

I lay in silence next to her. Listening, knowing that with every breath she takes, she is creating life. Like gentle whispers from God, I listen closely to the big bang, the creation of worlds, the incomprehensible evolution of life. I wonder why this was never enough for man. Destroying the world with selfishness and greed. All you had to do was… Stop. Listen. Breath.

— A Father To Be

How to stay warm in Malta during winter

The issue comes up every single winter. Every other status update on Facebook has to do with people desperately trying to keep warm in Malta during the winter, so instead of responding to everyone individually I decided to write a proper guide for everyones benefit. When I was designing my house I did a solid breakdown of the best ways to most efficiently and economically keep your habitat warm in Malta during winter. It’s not that cold in Malta compared to the rest of Europe but the lack of insulation in the houses and the high humidity makes it feel much worse. In fact, sometimes it’s actually warmer outside during the day, than it is inside. Also, the times we live in mean climate change and never before seen numbers with heat and cold as well as drought and rainfall. But let’s not get into those politics right now. Let’s talk about how to get you warm.

If you just want the quickest answer without reading the stuff below, the simple answer is that oil filled radiators are your best option. Why? Because gas has more than doubled in price in 5 years and it’s still going up every year. It also causes condensation, which means higher humidity. The oil filled radiator will heat your room efficiently and has the added bonus of dehumidifying at the same time. I have a DeLonghi V550920B. If you want the details and more heating options, read on. (more…)

My first complete business design!

I was initially asked to come up with a name, slogan and logo for a new shop for larger than average men. Once that was done, they asked if I can do 3D and specifically interior design. I have been dabbling with it since I bought and designed my house and later my girlfriends so I accepted the challenge.  (more…)

Thunder & Rain

I’m a sucker for thunder. The power, the untamed, powerful force that puts you in your place on any given day. Matched with rain, a massive downpour… who could resist running out into the night, jumping in puddles? Oh, and I snapped this photo.


The sea

Last weekend was the final boat party of the season. The weather is already changing, and while I welcome the lower temperature and rain… being out at sea when it’s windy is a rollercoaster ride that usually ends with someone hurling.

Anyway, I managed to hold on to the railing and get some pretty cool shots. One of which looks like the waves are swallowing the Sliema sea front. Don’t worry, it’ll be a few more years of polar ices melting before that happens and my house becomes a sea front property ;)

How to buy property in Malta

About 3 years ago I bought and renovated my house. Back then I thought everything was taking long, about 6 months from house purchase to finished renovation. For my project of this year, managing my girlfriends house purchase and renovation… well, it took one whole year just to get the deed signed and all papers approved. It’s an old townhouse, so it needs a lot of cosmetic work done to make it safe, future proof and environmentally smart. (more…)

I went to Comino and got high

It’s been a busy weekend, Farson Beer Festival on Friday and Nordic Boat Party on Saturday where I took the drone up to dizzying heights over Comino. It’s a lot of work, especially now in post production but my goodness it’s a lot of fun and always a challenge to find the right light, angles and clips to make it a top notch photo or video. Now a day of relaxation and tomorrow I’ll isolate myself in my bunker and get cracking on this footage.

Shooting Astrid

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of shooting Astrid. Today I’m going through the photos and picking out the golden nuggets, this is one of them. I took over 500 photos in about an hour and I’m expecting to end up with 8 or 10 good photos to publish. In the mean time, enjoy this lovely sample of the natural beauty of Astrid.

Throwback Thursday – July 2007 – Cat on a can!

In July 2007, I discovered that my cat had taught himself how to use the toilet. Long story short, I tried to teach him and my other cat several years before but the other one was reluctant and didn’t want to learn. Basically you put the litter box on top of the toilet, then you replace it with an aluminum container, after a couple of days you gradually remove more and more sand and make a hole in the aluminum box and after that you remove it and the cat is supposed to use the toilet!

So, my cats were separated into two homes, I kept Baloo, who I guess had seen me use the toilet and one day when I had cleaned his litter box, left it upside down to dry and forgotten about it, I heard a odd sound from the bathroom… and this happened:


Baloo was always an odd cat. He would sleep in my arms like a baby on his back, run with me in the woods, he could even cup his paw around my finger and dangle. I think he was part dog, cat and monkey. I never had another pet after him.


Emil Beatsnatcher Brikha

Emil (Beatsnatcher) Brikha is a DJ, Music Producer, Rapper/Poet, Writer and Photographer. He has 3 CDs, 1 USA tour, 1 festival tour with the National Theater in Sweden, numerous collaborations and NETplay releases under his belt. (more…)