I lay in silence next to her. Listening, knowing that with every breath she takes, she is creating life. Like gentle whispers from God, I listen closely to the big bang, the creation of worlds, the incomprehensible evolution of life. I wonder why this was never enough for man. Destroying the world with selfishness and greed. All you had to do was… Stop. Listen. Breath.

— A Father To Be

Design: Scandinavian Cross Finance

I just finished a new project for Scandinavian Cross Finance, designing their logo and making their website. Inspired by their product which they call “the compass”, I wanted to use that as a reference in the design. With strong clear lines, the desire was to convey confidence and strength, all while leaning¬†towards a¬†modern feel without being too contemporary. Have a look at their brand new website: www.scfp.se.