Carlsberg product promotion

I was contacted by the good people of Carlsberg to cover their event at the Farsons Beer Festival. I was hired to take photos and to make a video to give a good insight of the thirst quenching fun that took place. Good food, great drinks, fantastic performances, all wrapped up in that Emilogy goodness. Check out the video and photos below. (more…)

Video: Flying around in Balluta Bay

Today I was trying out my slightly modified drone, I’ll explain exactly what that modification was in a future post. Anyway, I was lazy and simply walked down to the beautiful bay of Balluta. One of these days, one of those pigeons is going to fly into my quad and get decapitated. You’ll see what I mean in the video. (more…)

Video: Jägermeister product promotion

Jägermeister have been doing beach events throughout the summer, playing games and getting drunk… in that order. Shortly after I had finished the Carlsberg video, I was contacted to help Jägermeister showcase their hilarious beach antics and afterdrinks at Bar Native in Paceville. I was asked to make a product promotion video, have a look below.


Video: Gianni Zammit & RUG

Gianni and his group, RUG are a bunch of hilarious musicians who, among other things make outrageous dirty covers of famous songs. They put on a great show at the Farsons Beer Festival and it was requested that I made this short video for them, showing some of the great moments and energy that they brought on stage. (more…)

How to buy property in Malta

About 3 years ago I bought and renovated my house. Back then I thought everything was taking long, about 6 months from house purchase to finished renovation. For my project of this year, managing my girlfriends house purchase and renovation… well, it took one whole year just to get the deed signed and all papers approved. It’s an old townhouse, so it needs a lot of cosmetic work done to make it safe, future proof and environmentally smart. (more…)

Video: The Nordic Boat Party 2014 Vol III

It’s the longest I’ve ever taken in editing a video, but when it comes to Nordic, it’s close to heart so it’s hard not to give it all you’ve got. So, a week later I managed to finish the third boat party of Nordic Bar for this summer. We still have one more to go, but for now, enjoy the visuals and temptations that exist onboard the Nordic boat!

I went to Comino and got high

It’s been a busy weekend, Farson Beer Festival on Friday and Nordic Boat Party on Saturday where I took the drone up to dizzying heights over Comino. It’s a lot of work, especially now in post production but my goodness it’s a lot of fun and always a challenge to find the right light, angles and clips to make it a top notch photo or video. Now a day of relaxation and tomorrow I’ll isolate myself in my bunker and get cracking on this footage.